Walkdraw Curtain

The Walkdraw curtain is the most economical divider to maintain and install. It is a great style to consider when cost is a primary consideration.

Each curtain is manufactured with fire and smoke-rated vinyl coated polyester. It can be supplied in full vinyl or with the bottom 9′ in vinyl and a ‘Flexmesh” material above.

Using a heavy duty aluminum track, the curtain can have either dual nylon or steel wheels to facilitate curtain movement. It is attached with sturdy S-hooks and plated adjusting chains which are connected to reinforced steel grommets.

We understand each project is different and will work with you to get the best curtain to match your space.

Additional Information


Standard manufacturer colours available for both Vinyl and Flexmesh.

Additional 10% material added to curtain length to ensure fullness.

CAD drawings provided for confirmation.

Does not provide significant acoustic reduction.


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