Omni Sport is a family owned athletic industry equipment manufacturer. With personnel that were instrumental in the inception of dasher board manufacturing, we are proudly driving the continuing evolution of modern manufacturing for dasher board systems and other recreational facility equipment.

Omni Sport has experience going back to the original site-built dasher board systems. Our personnel worked with designing dasher board systems that were manufactured in a shop and then installed on site. 

This evolution from on-site construction to factory fabrication of dasher board systems changed the recreation facility equipment manufacturing industry as a whole. As premanufactured systems became the norm in athletic facilities, Omni Sport became an industry leader and expanded their manufacturing plant to increase safety, quality, and capacity.

The company’s offerings grew steadily as clients asked for a broader range  of athletic equipment for their facilities. What started with built-on-site dasher boards has become a leader in all types of athletic facilities.  

Omni Sport is ready to meet the needs of your athletes, spectators, and operations team for all your recreational facilities… whether indoors or out!

Omni Sport has a history going back over 35 years in the athletic construction industry. Our quality commitment to our clients and their facilities drive us to the continuously improve while maintaining the craftsmanship that we are known for. 

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The Omni Sport Advantage

There is no such thing as a standardized arena. Everything we do at Omni Sport is custom designed and built to fit your space. We can customize everything from the dasher boards to the stands to the scoreboards. 

Our expert personnel will visit your site in-person or virtually – whatever the job requires to get it done right the first time. We know dasher board systems and recreational equipment better than anyone else in the industry. With 35 years of experience, you can count on Omni Sport to get you the best value for your new equipment. 

Our personnel will perform on-site evaluations when needed to give you a comprehensive quotation. An accurate quotation results in the quickest and most accurate project completion!

The Omni Sport Team


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