Dasher Board Systems

Omni Sport knows dasher boards better than anyone else in the industry. Omni Sport was one of the first companies to begin premanufacturing dasher boards, and has influenced the evolution of the dasher board and recreational equipment industry.

We premanufacture our dasher boards ourselves in our state of the art facility that was designed for the process of building the highest quality dasher boards. Our process ensures quality control, corrosion protection, and a longer life cycle than other dasher board systems. 

Our dasher boards are manufactured from beginning to end in our facility. From steel manufacturing to hot dipped galvanizing to plastic cladding, all steps are completed by Omni Sport to ensure the best product.

Omni Sport’s dasher boards have a high degree of forgiveness upon impact, allow for more flexibility upon configuration, and have a higher range of customization. If you’re looking for dasher boards that can be used for decades, Omni Sport is the best choice for the job.