Sport and Game Courts

OMNI Sport is the proud supplier for SnapSports Athletic Surfaces in the Canadian Prairies. With multiple options available for commercial, municipal, and residential applications we can work with you to find the best match for your space. Please get in touch and let’s explore your project!


Indoor Tile Options: Bounceback, Classic XL, ReActive, Revolution, 50-50, Pro-36

Outdoor Tile Options: Bounceback, ReActive, Revolution, DuraCourt


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Where has SnapSports flooring been installed?

  •  Recreation centres, backyards, basements, schools, arenas… essentially anywhere sports can be played, SnapSports flooring can be installed!

What types of courts are possible?

  • Tennis, Volleyball, Pickleball, Basketball, Inline-Hockey courts to name a few. Every tile can have pre-painted game lines to suit any sport you wish to play on the surface.
How long does the product last?
  • Each style has a standard 16-year manufacturer’s warranty for defective product.

How durable is the flooring?

  • The athletic flooring is not damaged by temperature swings, moisture, or high humidity. You may experience natural expansion and contraction with temperature change in outdoor settings.