Profast 8000

The best available synthetic ice option from Omni Sport is the Profast 8000 panel. With Smartglide infused technology and dry slip additives, this surface ensures the highest glide potential. Profast has all the features of the Smartskate synthetic ice with the added benefit of infused glide. Although glide solution will help the ‘break-in’ time of the surface, it isn’t a requirement. Profast 8000 panels are the best choice for those looking to replicate natural ice.

Additional Information


Application Examples: Small and large residential and commercial training rinks.

Method of Manufacture: VHMWPe Sinter Pressed, Glide Infused, UV Treated

Panel Size: 39” x 39” x 5/16”

Panel Weight: 17.6 Ibs

Warranty: Lifetime residential warranty, 5 year commercial warranty

Connection System: ‘Smartsnap’ Dovetail

Life Expectancy: 40+ years

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